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7day menu planner

SUNDAY: For a special family day, slow cooker Beef Burgundy will please everyone. Serve it over egg noodles with green peas, mixed greens and whole-grain bread.

Solidarity Soup recalls classic stone soup tale

Sweet potatoes and leeks are backed up by milk, cayenne and plenty of butter in a silky smooth bisque. Remember Stone Soup? In the tale, a stranger wanders into town, hungry.

Afternoon delight: Teatime treats with a twist

Spanish cuisine, with its tradition of tapas, lends itself particularly well to the pick-and-mix nature of afternoon tea. For a Basque-inspired version, head to the Michelin-starred Ametsa with Arzak Instruction, which has ditched the staid scones for a vibrant and varied menu that's bursting with flavours of the Mediterranean.

Lima bean soup with chard and harissa

Notes: This soup comes together quickly, built upon a base of long-cooked creamy lima beans; see the related recipe. Store-bought varieties of harissa vary widely, with some incorporating the sweetness of tomato and others leaning to the more savory side.

Korean Barbecue Parlor Shin Myung Gwan Replaces Sae Jong Kwan

Sae Jong Kwan was a mainstay of Korean barbecue in Aurora for more than a decade; when Jason Sheehan first reviewed it ten years ago , he remarked on its bright vibrancy and its crowds, and he especially loved the restaurant's oxtail soup. By the time I got to it four years later , it was considerably darker - paper covered its windows - but it still served good barbecue and excellent bibim naengmyun, or cold buckwheat noodles.

Downtown St. Patrick's Day Celebration

Pictured , Chris Kauzlarich, Tracy Brookins, Bill Mitchell, Aaron Feledy and Bri Harangody enjoy some drinks while The Matchsellers perform. Photo by David Slone, Times-Union.

Recipe: Otium's sea bass with chowder and Belgian endive

At Otium, the restaurant associated with the superb Broad Museum in Los Angeles, I was inspired by chef Timothy Hollingsworth to develop a sea-bass chowder that could be either a heavy appetizer or a light main course. Add potato, onion, fennel and thyme to soup pot.

Lunch with Lainey: Tummy Stuffer offers affordable, delicious choices

Going out for lunch on a budget can be a challenge but it's still possible. I recently discovered Tummy Stuffer in Chino, where everyone can enjoy a great lunch for $5 and some change.

Features 6 mins ago 12:38 p.m.Norton Healthcare's - 'Souper'' man a...

Jerry Gunn is not a doctor, he carries a spatula instead of a stethoscope. He may wear a white coat of a different kind, but he serves patients across all five Norton Healthcare hospitals.

Fresh pea soup with gremolata

When we think of "pea soup," we usually think of a slow-cooked soup made with dried split peas and flavored with ham. This vegetarian version, made with frozen fresh peas, is smoother in texture and fresher and sweeter in flavor; plus, it's much quicker to prepare.

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2540 North Clark Street Chicago, IL
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